Zhoutai multi-functional lamination solution, a powerful too

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-3-in-1 composite + partial opening window composite + yin and yang film composite + strip opening window composite

Abstract: With the rapid development of flexible packaging technology, the continuous segmentation of the market, the increasing competition, and the continuous increase in costs, customer demand for flexible packaging equipment has undergone great changes compared with the past. An obvious phenomenon we can see today is that more and more flexible packaging companies hope to achieve mass customization through flexible production, that is, they can operate efficiently and stably, and ensure that the cost of conventional products is reduced; they also require that equipment can be quickly switched to achieve customized small-batch production. Therefore, as the core process of flexible packaging, laminator has more technical requirements. Zhoutai's multifunctional lamination machine also came into being, and has some successful cases.
1、 Machine overview:


The main body of the machine consists of two sets of coating units, one set of composite units, three unwinding units and one rewinding unit. At the same time, it can be equipped with partial opening window function, independent aluminum foil unwinding mechanism, double yin and yang film and strip  opening window functions. The main technical parameters are as follows:

Film direction From left to right (viewed from the operating side)
Laminated film width   300~1300mm
Guide roller length 1350m
Maximum lamination speed 450m/min
First unwinding diameter Max.φ1000mm  
Second unwinding diameter Max.φ1000mm
Third unwinding diameter Max.φ1000mm
Forth unwinding diameter Max.φ1000mm
Unwinding diameter of window cushion film Max.φ500mm
Unwinding width of window cushion film Max.φ300mm
Strip window unwinding diameter Max.φ500mm
Strip window width Max. 300mm
Aluminum foil unwinding rack Max.φ600mm
Rewinding diameter Max.φ1000mm
Paper tube for unwinding φ76 (mm) 3” and φ152 (mm) 6”
Paper tube for rewinding φ76 (mm) 3” and φ152 (mm) 6”
Diameter of coating roller φ200mm
Glue amount 1.0~5g/m2
Glue type Five-roll coating
Laminated edge neatness ±2mm
Tension control accuracy ±0.5kg
Unwinding tension control range 3~40kg
Rewinding tension control range 3~50kg
Dimensions (length×width×height) 1700×2600×2500 (mm)
Machine weight 19500kg

2、Technical features:

The machine has high efficiency, multiple functions, adapt to a wide range of materials, high intelligence, and easy operation. It can be used for three-layer laminating at one time, or as a conventional equipment for two-layer laminating. It can complete conventional plastic-plastic laminating, as well as paper-plastic and aluminum-plastic laminating. The technical features are as follows:
1. The glue mixer adopts Japan's Mitsubishi synchronous servo system, and the liquid level sensor adopts German P+F, and the proportioning accuracy can be controlled within ±1%.

2. The coating unit adopts three-servo control, with automatic compensation function, and the maximum gluing capacity can reach 5 g/square, which is suitable for the production of paper, non-woven fabrics and other absorbent materials.

3. With the function of setting the glue amount with one button, you only need to set the glue amount directly on the touch screen, without the need to calculate the speed ratio.

4. With the memory function of metering roller gap, each time after cleaning, to achieve a key reset, the gap automatically back to the last adjustment position, no need to repeatedly adjust the gap with a stopper.

5. With automatic cleaning function, without foot on the switch to turn the steel roller, simple and convenient operation, fast cleaning.

6. With temperature and humidity online monitoring function.

7. Two touch screens at the front and rear, laminating unit and coating unit are equipped with touch screen.

8. With fast pick-up roller, when stopping to change material, the film position is not deviated after rewinding and rewinding tension is loosened.

9. The rewinding roller is equipped with taper control, and the its pressure is automatically adjusted with the change of roll diameter without manual adjustment.

10. The second release tension has two control modes of aluminum foil mode and film mode, and two feeding paths, which can be switched in the touch screen with one key, easy operation and suitable for aluminum foil structure.

11. The laminating unit is three-roller compounding, equipped with back-pressing steel rollers to prevent the deformation of the rollers and ensure adequate lamination.

12. With remote function for remote diagnosis and upgrade.

13. Compatible with 3 inch, 6 inch, air shaft, plate roller plug and other unwinding and rewinding methods.

14. Large shaftless tapered top stroke, material as long as the width > 300mm without the need for air shaft.

15. All rubber rollers are anti-static and high temperature resistant.

16. All guide rollers are anodized and wear-resistant.

17. All tension control are floating rollers flexible control closed loop way, can effectively protect the tension stability.

3、Product Examples
● Paper-plastic window material structure


In the past 1-2 years, short shelf life toast packaging has been from the traditional flat bottom paper pouches to paper-plastic laminated flat bottom pouches rapid change, because the flat bottom paper-plastic pouches have better functionality, three-dimensional appearance, favored by the majority of consumers. Coupled with the growing concept of healthy diet, short shelf life food market is rapidly developing. Typical structure is PET/PET+white kraft paper/CPP.
On this machine, it can well realize the function of partial window opening and strip splicing window opening, because the correction and tension of each unwinding can be controlled individually and stably with precision, and it can be equipped with one-component and two-component gluing machine, and reserved for corona, dust removal and humidification equipment installation station and electrical control interface.
At present, many customers have ordered the complete solution production line of ZhouTai window opening laminator + high speed flat bottom pouch making machine.

●  Three-layer structure food packaging

Take the typical structure of OPP/VMPET/PE as an example, as these products are very mature and the market competition is extremely fierce, so all flexible packaging enterprises are facing severe cost pressure. How to improve the overall efficiency of the equipment through process and equipment renewal, that is to say, to increase the production speed, to improve the time utilization rate, to improve the finished product rate, to control the cost at a very low level and to create a profit margin, is an inevitable problem for every entrepreneur. Therefore, it is possible to merge processes, personnel and machine by means of three-in-one laminating, thus greatly shortening production and maturation cycles and reducing energy and labor costs.
It is also the main function of the machine to complete the three-in-one lamination. The machine is equipped with two coating units, which can run simultaneously or be used separately, making it flexible and convenient to use, and each glue mixer has an independent IP address, so there is no need to worry about glue mixing and misplacement during switching and cleaning. At the same time, the machine is equipped with double cooling units, which can cool the material on both sides, quickly crystallize the glue and eliminate the material stress, ensure the appearance and rewinding effect and minimize the motor energy consumption by means of common DC bus.

● Single recyclable laminated material

With the global environmental pressure, single recyclable material (typical structure BOPE/PE) is getting more and more popular application, and single recyclable material packaging will become the inevitable development route of flexible packaging industry, has become the industry consensus. This structure has been gradually promoted in many fields such as leisure food, daily chemical products, pet food, personal care, etc.
The two-layer PE structure is easy to stretch. If stretched, it will cause the cursor to run, or due to the unbalanced tension of the two layers of material, curling will occur after lamination. These problems will have a serious impact on the post-process production, so the tension control of the laminating process requires very high precision. The tension system is a full closed-loop flexible control for the whole machine, and is equipped with high efficiency double cooling rollers to ensure stable tension and avoid material stretching. Meanwhile, ZhouTai has also launched the full PE structure ECO series multifunctional pouch making machine, which is exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions to provide customers with environmental protection material packaging solutions.

● Structural material with aluminum foil

Taking the typical aluminum foil structure PET/AL/PE as an example, with the rapid development of solventless glue and the continuous improvement of solventless lamination machine in recent years, it has become possible to make solventless lamination of aluminum foil structure. In the traditional perception, the three major difficulties of laminated aluminum foil are: poor appearance (white spots and bubbles), large loss (core wrinkles), and difficult operation (slippery rolls, back penetration, material wrinkles, easy material breakage, etc.).

In response to the above problems, the machine has been designed in a targeted manner. First of all, regarding the tension system, the machine is designed with a special tension mode and a special material path for aluminum foil. The tension mode can be switched by one key on the touch screen, and at the same time, it is possible to complete PET, AL and PE at one time in order to prevent the glue from backing through, and it is also possible to carry out separate aluminum-plastic two-layer lamination according to the traditional way. The rewinding pressure roller of this equipment adopts automatic taper pressure control mode, which can effectively improve and control the problem of core wrinkle through the double taper control mode of tension and pressure.

Shanghai Zhoutai takes "innovation with passion" as its corporate purpose, advocates the spirit of engineers, and carries out joint technical research with many partners. At present, Shanghai ZhouTai solventless laminating machine is exported to Italy, the United States, Australia, Israel, Singapore, Canada, South Korea and other developed countries and many regions in Southeast Asia.