No matter what country you are located in, when you are struggling with machine breakdowns, we offer a new service-- remote guidance. With this project, you can get:


Remote machine inspection

With the remote module, ZhouTai's technicians can check machine operation data in real time and help you troubleshoot machine problems. If necessary, technicians can directly correct software errors and reduce machine downtime.


Online installation guidance


When your machine is successfully delivered to the plant and needs to be installed, this service allows you to receive one-on-one technical guidance support with our technician online. Under the professional guidance, it not only shortens the time to set aside the machine, but also helps you to avoid the operation problems caused by wrong installation in advance.


Routine debugging guidance

In the daily production process, any questions you can also contact the ZhouTai team. Through the assistance of the technician to ensure the normal operation of the machine.