Zhou Tai recyclable packaging material composite and bag mak

2021-11-03 00:00:00 admin

In recent years, the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development has become more and more popular. For enterprises, the development of green environmental protection is also imperative. There is no doubt that circular packaging is not a new term, but has existed in the existing field for many years. In 2019, Zhou Tai and Dow launched in-depth cooperation to jointly explore and study the overall solution for the application of new environmentally friendly materials, contribute to the improvement of human living environment and bear their due social responsibility.

On October 16, Dow announced that Li Bai, a leading brand in the field of washing products in China, chose biaxially stretched polyethylene resin (TF-BOPE) to help realize the complete recovery of its laundry bead packaging.

On September 25, on the open day jointly held by Zhou Tai, Dowex and Boster, Zhou Tai demonstrated the all PE special bag making machine. Its production efficiency and yield were unanimously recognized by visiting customers. The demonstration equipment was ordered on the spot by Fujian Kai Da group.  

On October 13, Liu Xiaolei, general manager of Zhou Tai solventless compounding machine division, attended the training of Dowex packaging college and gave a keynote speech on the overall solution of recyclable packaging material compounding and bag making. He comprehensively introduced the key control points of all PE composite application process and the technical characteristics of Zhou Tai’s corresponding equipment. The summary is as follows:  
1、 Material properties:    

Compared with other materials, all PE materials are relatively stable in all aspects and have more advantages.  


Pain points to be solved for all PE Composites:

1.Weak functionality, such as barrier, anti puncture, etc;

2.Poor temperature resistance and small heat sealing window;

3.Easy to stretch


2、 Technical features of composite equipment:    

To solve the above problems, Zhou Tai has made a solution - AWF450 series solvent-free compounding machine, which has soft and stable tension control system, accurate gluing amount control, sufficient cooling, uniform and reliable composite structure and intelligent and simple operation mode. 



3、 Technical features of bag making equipment:    

Tension control: assisted by European partners; Unique acceleration and deceleration mode; The hardware adopts high-precision small modulus imported servo system to ensure synchronization; Low weight and light-weight cot design; Unique stretch compensation function.    

Longitudinal seal design: large opening and closing stroke; Heavy pressing method; Independent servo drive control; Unique design of hot knife, heating plate and cooling mechanism.

Inserted bottom gusset stand-up pouch design: constant tension unwinding, encoder detection, automatic matching tension; Automatic tracking of bottom sticking and unique bottom filling design to avoid stretching and deviation of bottom film; The high-speed anti blocking die is designed and equipped with high-efficiency air suction device to avoid the inclusion of punching tailings into the product; It can stick the bottom to the pattern and stretch compensation.    

Cross seal design: equipped with high-level shutdown to avoid film scald during shutdown; High precision and high strength spring to ensure hot pressing