As a manufacturer, what we’re pursuing is not only to produce products with high-quality and additional value 
but also seeking for better solution for customers.
Innovation with Passion” 
means problem-oriented developing theory 
and service idea of solving issues for customers technically and professionally, 
as well as humility of striving for excellence and keeping progress.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability


We totally understand that better development of enterprise depends on a booming society, that’s why we focus much more on sustainability and eco-friendly than seeking benefits.


Single Material (PE) Sustainable Packaging


in order to meet increasing requirements of degradable materials in flexible packaging, we’ve produced packing machines specialized for such material. Moreover, we’ve figured out Auto Stacker to help with issues of high labor-intensity and labor cost in our industry.


Cost Saving


During this year of special COVID situation, we’ve been thinking of better solution to give customers much more support. For this reason, we start of Online Open House to show customers updated products.



Network Service


Meanwhile, we support customers for machine installation remotely since it’s much more difficult to send engineers for service to some countries.Keeping pace with the times and not fear of changing, that’s the motivations to keep ZhouTai much more prosperous.