Characteristics and Solutions of Liquid Packaging

2021-11-03 00:00:00 admin

Liquid packaging pouches have higher technical requirements due to the special attributes and rich types of liquid products. This article has compiled four basic technical requirements applicable to most liquid packaging pouches for your reference.
1. High mechanical strength, good heat sealability and firm sealing. uitable for manual and automatic filling and sealing.

2. Good barrier properties, moisture-proof, waterproof, strong air tightness and fragrance retention, good oxygen-proof and puncture resistance.

3. Pressure resistance, drop resistance, not easy to break, no leakage. It can be used instead of glass bottles and saves costs. It is currently the most popular form of flexible packaging in the world.

4. Strong protection, so that the packaging will not be invaded by bacteria and insects. High or low temperature can keep the shape stable.
In response to the above requirements, we adopt:
1. The machine is designed with high-strength casting material used for the crossbeam of the sealing bar to ensure that the sealing pressure is large and does not deform.

2. Heat preservation type heating plate to ensure uniform and consistent sealing temperature, and at the same time the temperature is constant at high machine speed.

3. The high pressure resistance spring ensures that the pressure does not fail under the alternating stress.