Flexible packaging, development trend, digital printing bag

2021-11-03 00:00:00 admin

What is digital printing? In today's era of advocating personalization and pursuing convenience, on-demand printing and variable data printing have ushered in the spring of development. With the incomparable advantages of traditional printing, digital printing is like a duck to water in these "emerging" markets.

From the beginning of design, traditional printing can only be printed on the machine after many links such as color separation, proofing and plate making. Moreover, the traditional printing has certain requirements for the starting amount, and the variable data printing can not be realized under the traditional process. Digital printing is not only a simple printing process, but also the designed and produced documents can be directly transmitted to the digital printing machine. There are fewer intermediate links in printing, and the variable factors are reduced. As long as we do a good job in color management, printing in different places at the same time can save cost and time and ensure the consistency of printing quality. What's more valuable is that digital printing makes short version printing, on-demand printing and data printing a reality.

Here are the features and challenges of the digital printing bag making machine: Challenges faced 

1Adjust the machine in place with the shortest time and minimum material consumption.    

1. Learn about the three elements of bag making: temperature, pressing pressure and pressing time.    
2. Feeding method (web path).    
3. Duration of tool replacement (hot knife, mold).    
4. Maintenance or replacement time of vulnerable parts (flying knife, die mouth oiling).    

2、 How to make a beautiful bag?     
1.Hot knife guide angle, zipper point hot block guide angle, in order to prevent burr.
2.Stick Teflon tape and cloth on the hot knife, especially pay attention to the above treatment on the cooling knife.
3.Tool test (sharpness test of cutter, flying blade and die-cutting plate).



▶ Finished product inspection           
1. Sampling inspection during production: horizontal seal, vertical seal, zipper, punching, and keep the error within ± 1mm.
2. According to the requirements of bag type, the sending laboratory shall inflate the bag, water bath test and fall test.  


Next, let's introduce the characteristics of Zhou Tai digital printing bag making machine:

Characteristics of digital printing bag making machine (DPPM)    
(1)Structure of Pouch Machine (DPPM) ;     
(2) Maximum size 740 x 1100 mm;    
(3) Repeat printing width: minimum 550mm, maximum 1100mm;    
(4) According to HP's parameters, our models are as follows:    
The horizontal sealing ironing knife is 400mm, the vertical sealing ironing knife is 520mm, the bottom insertion depth is 20-60mm, and the maximum film width is 750mm.
AMD350LMSC equipment features:                         
1.The machine is short and small, reducing the operator's operation surface, non operation surface and running back and forth, so as to save time. It can be fully functional to 11 meters at most;    
2. The threading path is simple and clear, and all are guided by the threading path;    
3. Quick release parts (horizontal seal, self standing hot knife, flying knife blade).